How to Prolong Your Bouquet of Roses

Published: 16th May 2011
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To express love and appreciation to someone, the best way is through a bouquet of roses. If you are given a bouquet and want to show that you appreciate them back, taking care of the roses given to you would be the most evident way to do it. Roses are very delicate flowers and need intensive care in order to prolong its life. Caring for roses need attentive work and requires life-long virtues such as patience.

The most common thing people do when they receive a bouquet of roses is to transfer them in a vase. If put in a vase, itís would last for as long as five to eight days. There are ways to extend its life span, though. It all starts with the vase. Clean it with soap and warm water. Afterwards, submerge the vase in a mixture of a few drops of bleach and water. Its purpose is to kill bacteria that were left during the last use of the vase. Next, fill the vase with warm water and flower preservatives. Make an inch slant cut at the bottom of the stem while the rose is on lukewarm running water. Immediately place the roses in the vase. Leave the roses in the vase and do the arrangements later on. Keep on doing the whole process every day. Also, keep the water above the end of the stem.

Flower preservatives are important in caring for roses and prolonging its life span. Even at home, you can produce your own flower preservatives by just using making use of your common kitchen tools and ingredients. All you need is 1 Ĺ tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon white sugar, Ĺ teaspoon chlorine bleach, and quart warm water. Your working container is the vase. First, put the warm water, and place the other remaining ingredients afterwards. Mix them all until you have completely dissolved the sugar.

Some would ask why only warm water should be used, and why the stems should be cut horizontally. Also, why should it be cut an inch shorter each day? Warm water should be used because as discussed in science, warm water has more kinetic particles than that of cold water. If warm water is absorbed by the roses, water will flow to all tubes faster. The reason why we need to cut the roseís stem an inch everyday is because as each day passes, the life of the roses gets shorter. The only thing that could prolong its life is water. If the stem is cut an inch shorter, water will have less time to travel all throughout the flower and will not wilt just yet. If the stems are cut flat, it will rest on the bottom of the vase and the water will be blocked. Also, the air is stored inside and water cannot flow.

Caring for roses may look easy but the reasons why the procedures are such have complicated explanations. Just follow the instructions on how to preserve your bouquet of roses and enjoy them for as long as two weeks.

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